ICC : Feb'21 Competitions

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1. Aao na Hindi super hit song                                 2.  Dance mashup 15 + hit songs                                                  

3. Telugu Hit song  Naalo mymarpu , Oh baby movie                                 4. Indian Traditional Dance by Twins


5. Mahalakshmi Ashtakam                                        6. Dance Mashup 10 hit songs

7. Devotional Suklam baradaram song by playing piano   8. Yetu pone telugu cover song
9. How far i will go song                                        10 Indian Traditional dance by Bhargavi


11. Dance mashup song                                            12. Telugu comedy by Keerthi sisters


13. Cute dance by cute sisters (Poojita sisters)            14. One more mashup performance


15. Indian Traditional dance by Spoorthi            16.  Cover song by Chandu


17.  Girls group Hindi song                                 18.  Telugu comedy scene by vidya


19.  One more Indian traditional dance            20.  Ye manishoko yemajilo Telugu song


                                                    21. Telugu comedy by Keerthi sisters



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